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Oh look, yet another podcast

Updated: Nov 13, 2022

When I first brought up the idea of a regular weekly NoFo live chat to my potential co hosts in early 2021, frankly I had no idea how it would be received. It kind of felt like the Seinfeld philosophy, a show about nothing ? Just us talking about our everyday North Fork life. Wouldn't we run out of things to talk (hahaha as if I could run out of talking), wouldn't it become boring, don't we need a script ?

Well here we are a year and a half later and we've attracted a bit of cult following. Each week as I hit that live button and await my co hosts to join in, a smile begins to spread on my face as I start to see familiar names pop up in the viewing section.

Pretty soon it was apparent that not all our fans were able to hop onto instagram live at 9 am. So we started to save the “episodes” to the reels tab in my instagram to be available to watch at your convenience.

Honestly I struggle with calling it a “show” and “episodes” and all that fancy terminology reserved for Netflix specials etc, cause we ain't fancy like that.

As weeks continue to accumulate along with our guest list, the breadth of information about all things North Fork that we have managed to discuss and showcase continues to grow.

Apparently there is a world outside of instagram (shocking right) that's interested in what we are sharing, so enter YouTube. Yup we're #youtubestars now .

Well far from it really, but now even if you didn't live in instagram land there's a way for you to catch all our convos and past guests here on the NOFO LIVE YouTube channel.. It especially helps with being able to share the replays with our guests who are now reaching a wider audience to showcase what they offer.

Lately people keep saying to me (guests and viewers alike), what's your podcast name ? I keep saying, it's not a podcast ! I literally can't figure out the right words for what “IT” is lol.

The rule breaker that I am, has decided that it doesn't have to be like that, it's simply another way for those who want to hear what we have to say to be able to do so.

So here ya go, you asked for it, you got it.

Here's a link for the new NOFO LIVE PODCAST that you can access everywhere you get your podcasts. Remember it's not in a fancy studio, we are all on our phones, in 4 separate locations, chatting over the horribly inefficient North Fork Wifi (can you hear me now optimum!!).

What's next ? Tick Tock


Then again, what is it "they" say, never say never………….



Sunita is a blogger (is that a writer who adds photos?) who moved to the North Fork with her husband and their one eyed dog (Pirate Pepper) at the start of their empty nesting phase. She's working towards embracing minimalism (not even close yet) and living life in the pursuit of happiness. A lot of her happiness and zen comes from watching and capturing her daily sunset view that she shares on her instagram at @nofostyle

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24 de set. de 2022

Giiiiiiirl - we fancy now! 😂

Sunita Narma
Sunita Narma
24 de set. de 2022
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fancy like tick tock fancy ?

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