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OK fine they may not be "frequently" asked but I do get asked these in one form or another so what better way to kickstart the "new season" of the show than with a look back at its past.

Q. What is the show about ?

This is an easy one, Its about the NORTH FORK.

One of the main reasons I wanted to host the live chat was to learn more about this beautiful neighborhood and community that I was making my new home in. There is so much history to know and things to experience about this "little corner of the island". What better way to learn about it than from the diverse group of small business owners, real estate agents, artists, farmers, chefs, natives, transplants and all versions of residents, each living their version of the North Fork life.

Q. How do you find your guests for the show ?

If you haven't discovered it yet (welcome if you've recently moved here) unlike the 7 degrees of separation with Kevin Bacon, the North Fork scale hovers around 3. Pretty much everybody gets to hear about everybody (yup small town vibes) and connections are only a plus one away. There are very few "big box" stores here and tons of small businesses thrive so there is a diverse pool of people we are interested in showcasing. Multiply that reach by the 3 cohosts and we essentially can have his show run for ever.

For those that you don't bump into in person, Instagram has morphed into such an amazing way to connect virtually with the local community and the follow along everyone's visual photo journal. A lot of meaningful connections and friendships (all us cohosts met originally on insta)

Q. When does the show air ?

We chat LIVE on instagram every Friday at 9 am. Usually its a 30 minute segment and because it's live, its fast paced, no second chances, no edits, what ever comes our way that day we roll with it.

If you cant join us and watch it live, we save replays of it on instagram (in the reels section at @nofostyle) and on our YouTube channel. If you are more the audio podcast listener kind we've got you covered here on Spotify.

Q. Do you have a favorite episode ?

I really don't. Each one is so unique and interesting, even if the energy of some is bolder than others. For sure if I think back a few stand out more in my mind for various reasons. Sometimes the guest just has this magical draw and following (here's looking at you Ricky TeeVee), those comments alone from viewers in that show could have filled a whole another show!

Some days I walk away thinking wow I learned so much today about the North Fork, other times I leave feeling inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit and hard work. Other times it's just side splitting fun (remember when DC Benny was on and we ended up with an impromptu guessing game to figure out the farm stand) and I can't think of a better way now to start my Friday mornings.

Q. How do I reach out about being a guest on the show?

Instagram Instagram Instagram!!!

I mean it is where the show lives, so start there. Find us at @nofolive and message us directly there. Reach out to myself or either or my cohosts Tracy or Kelly at our individual insta accounts and get that convo started. Some times we book out a month or two in advance and other times there are schedule changes and bam you're on next week lol. If you prefer email -

Random fun facts about the show

  • To date we have aired 75+ episodes of the show.

  • There is no fancy equipment other than our smartphones and the instagram app to pull of this entire "production".

  • So far we have only have 2 repeat guests in the 2 years we have been on air.

  • Instagram does not save viewer comments that are typed during the show, which is a bummer cause sometimes they scroll off our screen too fast.

  • Obviously we love having guests on each week, but we also secretly love those rare occasions when the 3 of us get to gab on air and catch up on life.

  • When I press that Live button, I literally have no idea what I am about to say other than "Happy Friday and welcome to the NOFO LIVE show". The rest all depends on how much of the caffeine I just sipped 5 min ago has kicked in.

  • I cringe when I go back and watch myself on the early episodes!

  • You don't have to have a "business" to be a guest on the show. All who want to chat & share their love for the North Fork are welcome to come gab with us.

There are several regulars that join in as viewers every week and tho we don't mention it each week, we see and appreciate each and every one of you. I try to "wave" when I see your name scrolling on my screen, but between the small iPhone screen, the 4 squares, trying to talk and listen all the same time, its not easy. I mean I try to make it look easy but its not lol What it is, is fun and for as long as it remains fun, you know where to find me on Friday mornings giving my live hyper local weather report lol

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