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So Long Summer......

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

Sure summer is beautiful weather season anywhere, but summers on the East End just hit extra special. Farms are at their peak with summer produce, tomato, corn and summer squash just to name a few. Eating seasonal and local foods is just a way of life around here, especially considering the fact that farm/garden stands dot pretty much every neighborhood.

Nothing tastes sweeter than fresh picked corn, roasted and perhaps lightly dipped in some melted butter yum. ( Farmer Joes farm stand)

Summer treats!

Is it even summer, if you didn't have a lobster roll ? Especially one from Wednesday's table made extra special with that unexpected addition of Thai basil butter.

I'll definitely miss the alfresco dining. So long Duryea's Orient point until we meet again next summer.

The grape vines lush and ripe. Red/green grapes hang low just begging to be picked (nope don't do it, vineyards definitely DO NOT like it when you touch the grapes).

Pretty soon they'll be crushed (no more barefoot stomping) and find their way into barrels and the wine fermenting process of making this year's vintage begins. A product where taste and quality is highly influenced by the weather that affects the vines throughout the growing season.

So Cheers! Here's hoping that 2022 has been a good one for the grapes,

Those magical NoFo sunsets just have an extra dose of magic to them during August. If you follow me on instagram, you know I'm a professional sunset watcher. It's what I now officially answer if anyone asks the “what do you do” question.

I make an attempt to catch as many in person as I can all year long. There's something about the awe of catching a summer sunset amid warm evening breeze and intense fiery glow in the sky, that finds its way deep within your soul like nothing else compares.

Soon the cooler temps will set in and a new season of Fall will bring its own brand of charm. For now I plan on staying barefoot in the sand in my rolled up white pants way past labor day, for as long as my toes will allow.

Tell me what's been your favorite thing about Summer on the North Fork ?



Sunita is a blogger (is that a writer who adds photos?) who moved to the North Fork with her husband and their one eyed dog (Pirate Pepper) at the start of their empty nesting phase. She's working towards embracing minimalism (not even close yet) and living life in the pursuit of happiness. A lot of her happiness and zen comes from watching and capturing her daily sunset view that she shares on her instagram at @nofostyle

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Sep 24, 2022

Beach, beach and more beach. Mixed with a little boat. (When it hasn’t gone off for a joy ride by itself!)

Sunita Narma
Sunita Narma
Sep 24, 2022
Replying to

That boat disappearing is the craziest adventure of summer 22. So glad that you were able to find it and bring it back home.

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