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Hello and welcome to Living Life NoFo Style

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

As I settle into my new North Fork life (which is so different from 26 years of my suburban housewives of NJ life), I keep repeating the phrase in my head that I'm Living Life NoFo Style. What does that really mean?

It's really not a stylish existence by any means, in case the title was misleading. In fact moving here might require one to evolve into a much more casual informal capsule wardrobe (think linen and denim), in which the number of flip flops, flats, gardening clogs and walking shoes might far exceed the need for heels. The North Fork can be easily described as the down-to-earth “un-Hamptons” fork. A place where you can slow down, savor the farmland vistas, salty air and small-town life.

Instead of a trendy nightlife (Is that still a thing one does after 50?), welcoming wineries, endless farmland and uncrowded beaches dot the landscape all along the bay and sound. Many multi-generational family farms are still in operation throughout the region as well, with their farm stands filled with locally grown seasonal produce.

In recent years, sophisticated restaurants, award-winning microbreweries, funky lodgings and quirky shops have cropped up, enlivening the scene.

Nestled between vineyards and farm stands, there are many antique/vintage shops to explore that are filled with old treasures just waiting to be rediscovered and restart their new lives.

A lot of change is coming (much is here already), certainly accelerated by the demographic shift due to the pandemic and I am hopeful that those that choose to move here do so because of what makes life special here and that collectively we continue to enjoy, preserve and celebrate it.

There's so much peace and beauty in the simpler lifestyle at the North Fork of Long Island. Perhaps this blog might serve as an outlet for me to be able to share my love and gratitude for this beautiful corner of the island that I am fortunate enough to now call home.



Sunita is a blogger (is that a writer who adds photos?) who moved to the North Fork with her husband and their one eyed dog (Pirate Pepper) at the start of their empty nesting phase. She's working towards embracing minimalism (not even close yet) and living life in the pursuit of happiness. A lot of her happiness and zen comes from watching and capturing her daily sunset view that she shares on her instagram at @nofostyle

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I love love love that you are blogging about the North Fork life! We started our lives here at the same time and although there are many differences there are also so many awesome similarities. Keep doing what you do!

Sunita Narma
Sunita Narma
Jun 21, 2022
Replying to

Thank you Stacey, Yes I too love that we share the same love for the North Fork and especially share in the exploration of what joys life has to offer on this beautiful corner of the island.

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